AthleticGenius Cycling and Fitness Studio offers an “experience” to our clients. From top fitness instructors and state of the art technology to complimentary towel, bike cleaning, heart rate monitor use, keyless lockers, spa bathroom, espresso/cappuccino, fresh fruit and water service. We strive to make the most of your time.

AG is about being SMART TO YOUR BODY and efficient with your time. Maximize your workout and safety via experienced instructors and state of the art Keiser equipment. Made in U.S.A. Keiser equipment is utilized by many professional athletic teams including the Broncos, Patriots, Yankees, Mets and more due to its minimal impact on the joint system, (magnetic based), and its measurable results. Our Keiser system also features a torque board for power-based competitive rides.



Holly Chisholm Hargrave is the CEO and Founder of AthleticGenius.    Holly has over 20 years of fitness instruction experience and holds a BA, MBA, as well as numerous International Fitness Certifications.   Her approach to fitness is unique given her years of experience working alongside physicians in the operating room at such institutions as Stanford University Hospital, Packard Children’s Hospital and the University of California San Francisco.

Holly moved to the international clinical drug development field in the clinical trial arena as she worked with the world’s top pharmaceutical and biological companies to obtain regulatory approval for the marketing of safe and effective treatments.  Holly’s understanding of the cardiovascular system, anatomy and physiology has enabled her to develop her own unique approach to “Training Smart”.

A Mother of 3, professional model and published fitness expert; Holly was named number 4 in a list of the top 14 Health and Fitness Experts by PR Newswire in NYC.   Her book “The Hot Mommy’s Secret” Fitness Food & Attitude was released in December 2015 and is quickly becoming a Top Seller on Amazon.com. 

Known for her dedication and enthusiasm clients say; “ Holly is the most dedicated trainer I have ever met…. she won’t let you quit…. and she’ll never quit on you.”


Master Personal Trainer ViPR Trainer
Sports Nutrition Consultant  Pilates Instructor
Weight Management Consultant  MadDog Athletics Spinning Trainer 
Group Fitness Trainer Strength and Conditioning Consultant 
TRX Trainer Kids and Teens Fitness Consultant 
TABATA Bootcamp Trainer

Stress Reduction Specialist
Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant

Certified Meditation Coach

8 years Experience Training Award Winning Television and Film Producers, Directors, Actors, as well as Models and Beauty Pageant Competitors.

NYC Professional Model:  Citizen’s Talent, Ramona’s Talent and Modeling, Casting Networks

Imbd: Concussion 2013
Holly Chisholm Hargrave and her Family
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