How To Hire A Fitness Trainer?

When you are ready to begin your exercise program or feel stagnant in your current fitness goals, reach out for a helping hand.    Explore different types of exercise programs and gather information about what you liked.   Try new classes and a variety of sports.  Explore ways to move your body that make you happy and do not cause you injury.  Women between 30 and 60 have amazing results when finding the right Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor or Training Buddy.  Importantly, find something that you enjoy that suits your level of fitness and lifestyle. 

When seeking the instructor who is best for you take into consideration your goals and schedule.   If you are already attending a gym, sit back and watch the Personal Trainers working with their clientele.  If you see the trainer standing with their arms folded counting repetitions or worse looking at themselves in the mirror forgo him or her.   Their job is to coach you on technique, method and proper movement.  Utmost, it is their primary responsibility to be attentive to you.   Another warning sign is a Trainer you notice taking various clients through the exact same workout routine regardless of age, health or gender.   Remember, you are hiring a “Personal Trainer” and your expectation is that they will design a program to suit your specific needs.   Should you choose to hire a personal trainer as well as the benefit of proper coaching, you also have a commitment to your personal trainer, being an appointment you cannot skip!   Typical cancellation policies are 24 hours notice unless of illness or emergency.  If you are seeking a Trainer outside of the gym, look at local advertisements, call a reputable physical therapy center, ( often they have references for excellent trainers ) or simply ask around. 

Women from 30 to 60 often have very specific needs.  Based on potential child-birth, hormones and over-use injuries.   It is key to hire a trainer who understands your challenges and can design a program that is compatible with your body and your lifestyle.  Once you find a Trainer who you are interested in working with:

1.) Request References:  these should be from someone of your similar goals and age group

2.)Ask if they are properly credentialed.  It is paramount a Personal Trainer hold current certifications in their respective field.   To become a Certified and Insured Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor requires testing both practical and written.  Once these tests are successfully passed, the certifications must be held current by the instructor via continuing education credits, ( CECs ) .   Request to see the instructors dated certification and insurance.   Do not assume that if you are hiring a personal trainer via a gym that they are appropriately credentialed.   Personal Trainers are often hired as consultants, not staff and are responsible to carry their own insurance.

Group Fitness classes and new or old friends who share your goals are another powerful option.   Join forces with a group fitness class or a village of women who support you.   Encouragement, like energy is contagious.  Grab a friend, or find a group fitness class that you can attend regularly. Group classes are another great option.   Things like yoga, spinning, muscles sculpting group classes are endless at your local fitness facility.  The nice thing about “group fitness classes” is you will become part of a team of people who regularly attend that class.  Knowing they are expecting to see you will keep you encouraged to participate.  Accountability breeds success.   A support group of others who share your goals is instrumental to staying on track.  One morning in pouring rain and 55-degree weather I saw the most amazing sight.   A group of walkers I typically see on my way to the teach fitness, rain coats on, hoods up and out for their daily exercise walk,   I was inspired to see them and wondered whether ;if they didn’t have one another to be accountable to, they would have walked alone on this cold, rainy morning?  I noticed them laughing and the smiles on their faces.  It was incredibly beautiful…truly a village of fitness girlfriends. We all deserve support.   Don’t hesitate to reach out and find your source.




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