How To Exercise Safely 
While You're Sick?

Mild to moderate exercise is usually a good idea if you have a cold and no fever. The general guide for exercising when sick is: If your symptoms are above the neck DO exercise. Examples: Runny nose, Nasal congestion, Sneezing and Minor Sore Throat. If your symptoms are below the neck and/or you have a fever DO NOT exercise. Read More

How To Hire A Fitness Trainer?

When you are ready to begin your exercise program or feel stagnant in your current fitness goals, reach out for a helping hand. Explore different types of exercise programs and gather information about what you liked. Try new classes and a variety of sports. Explore ways to move your body that make you happy and do not cause you injury. Women between 30 and 60 have amazing results when finding the right Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor or Training Buddy. Importantly, find something that you enjoy that suits your level of fitness and lifestyle. Read More

What Impact Do Coaches Have On The Development Of Youth Athletes?

The Role of Coaching Youth: The U.S. Youth Soccer Association notes that six of the top seven reasons that youth quit sports are adult-influenced behavior. As a coach of youth my role impacts how they feel about themselves as a young athlete and as an individual. My job as a coach is to serve as an everyday role model and to make training a positive experience. The challenge of coaching youth is to provide discipline, cognitive development and self-esteem while keeping training “fun”. Read More

Exercise For People Over Age 50

Power and Resistance require the use of plyometric movements and deceleration Exercises: My initial advice is as follows: It is important to note that a recent study concluded that total muscle mass decreases by nearly 50 percent for people between the ages of 20 and 90. On average, people lose about 30 percent of their strength between ages 50 and 70, and another 30 percent of what's left per decade after that. Generally, people lose about 1 percent of their lean muscle mass per year after age 40. BALANCE is a huge issue in the age group you are discussing. Read More

New Year, New You!

Training for 2015 Target Women: HIIT training – high intensity interval training (not to be confused with high intensity training but rather bursts of high intensity effort) is THE topic of publicity lately; but I remain un-convinced its best for beginners. I don’t think beginners can’t do enough of this high intensity level of of workouts at first - to gain the benefits they hope to achieve. Read More